Father Barron over Inception

Father Barron becommentariëert de film Inception (2010) van Christopher Nolan met Leonardo diCaprio.

Father Barron over Inception en Thomas Merton: What I hope is clear is that this is much more than a vivid description of a routine task. Merton takes his night journey through the monastery as a symbol for the inner examination of his own soul. The lower reaches of the abbey are evocative of Merton’s largely unconscious instinctual life; the kitchen speaks of his sensual appetites; his sleeping brothers symbolize his dream life; the library is his mind; the church is his spiritual longing, and the bell tower is that part of him that aspires to the heights of God. All the while, he shines his flashlight into these places, bringing to them, as it were, the light of Christ, and seeking in them knowledge and peace. Toward the end of his life, Merton was asked how best to find God, and he said simply, “look within.”

How important, how vital it is to go deep down. But one should do so, not in the spirit of a mercenary but in the attitude of a spiritual adventurer.

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