The Shooting Party

Woensdag 4 augustus 2010 van 12:35 tot 14:05 uur op BBC 1. Film uit 1985 van Alan Bridges met James Mason en John Gielgud.

Cornelius Cardew heeft zojuist the Shooting Party verstoord en zwaait nu met een pamflet inzake dierenrechten:

Sir Randolph Nettleby: The rights of animals. Vindication of the doctrine of universal kinship, oh yes. These pheasants, off course, wouldn’t have been here at all if we wouldn’t have bred them, hatched them, reared them. One could argue that we give them life from hin after a bit. We’d take it away from them again abrogating to ourselves some what God-like powers I’ll admit. But lets not be legalistic about it. This is a very well produced pamphlet. Where do you get a thing like this printed? Is it expensive? You don’t mind my asking you?
Cornelius Cardew: Oh no, not at all. I know a very good printer in Dorking, just near where I live. An excellent man of anarchistic views. He gives me very good rates.
Sir Randolph: Ah, special terms. Hmm. He wouldn’t give me such good ones, I suppose.
Cardew: Are you a pamphleteer too, sir?
Sir Randolph: Well, I was thinking of making a sort of foray in that direction.
Cardew: A polemic, would you say?
Sir Randolph: Yes, I think that’s the right word.
Cardew: Would you call it a “diatribe”?
Sir Randolph: Yes, I
Sir Randolph: could call it a diatribe.
Cardew: The Ruin of Rural England – A Diatribe
Sir Randolph: Precisely. I don’t think we should continue our discussion here… my fellow murderers are rather hot blooded.

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