Hotel Rwanda

Woensdag 14 juli 2010 van 21.20 tot 23.20 uur op Canvas (VRT 2). Film van Terry George uit 2004 met Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo en Nick Nolte. Naar het waargebeurde verhaal van Paul Rusesabagina over de genocide in Rwanda.

Steven D. Greydanus: This isn’t just professional soldiers obeying inhuman orders, but neighbor rising up against neighbor: ordinary civilians, men not drilled in codes of discipline or institutionally hardened to killing, taking up machetes and butchering women and men and children in the streets, or banding into ad hoc militias and terrorizing neighborhoods in Jeeps, armed with automatic weapons.

And here is an ordinary man: not a soldier, not a man with power or authority, but a modest, unassuming, deferential man, a husband and father of two, who undertakes to save first a handful of his neighbors, then dozens, hundreds, finally over a thousand refugees, bribing, bluffing, stalling, lying, flattering, obstructing — whatever it takes.

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