A Simple Plan

Vrijdag 25 juni 2010 van 23:20 tot 1:15 uur op Eén (VRT 1). Film van Sam Raimi uit 1998 met Bill Paxton, Bridget Fonda en Billy Bob Thornton. Naar het boek van Scott B. Smith.

Jonah Goldberg (National Review): A defining insight of conservatism is that whatever transcendent inspiration there may be to moral principles, there is also the humble fact that morality works. Moral institutions and customs endure because they allow civilization to proceed. Sam Raimi’s gripping A Simple Plan illustrates this truth. Bill Paxton plays a decent family man who lives by the book in every way. But when he’s cajoled into breaking the rules to get rich quick, he falls under the jurisdiction of the law of unintended consequences and discovers that simple morality is not simplistic, and that a seductively simple plan is a siren song if it runs against the grain of what is right.

Meer info vindt u hier (IMDB).

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