Film: L’enfant

Zondag 21 maart 2010 van 21:35 tot 23:10 uur op Ketnet & Canvas (VRT 2). Een film uit 2005 van Jean-Pierre en Luc Dardenne. Onder meer bekroond met de Gouden Palm (Filmfestival van Cannes).

Jeffrey Overstreet: The Dardennes insist that they are not making “Christian films” or encouraging a “Christian interpretation.” They told Sight and Sound, “We never wanted to express any thesis, Christian or otherwise—it’s simply a human story: you harm someone and you try to repent. But our civilisation is so much founded on religion that it’s hard to get away from it.” But whatever they claim about their work, art is capable of revealing far more than an artist intends. It would be interesting to hear an agnostic explain the existence and the work of conscience and grace in these characters’ hearts.

Meer info hier (IMDB)

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