Filmtip: Hawaii, Oslo

Woensdag 3 februari 2010 van 13:35 tot 15:30 uur op Nederland 2. Noorse film van Erik Poppe uit 2004.

Ron Reed: One commentator responded less positively to this film than he expected to, and wondered whether he was growing tired of portrayals of communities of broken people, almost all of whom “are are coping with severe emotional, spiritual, or psychological damage.” I think what distinguishes this film from others of its kind is the fact that so many of these admittedly damaged, even desperate characters aren’t lost in their own woundedness but are actively, even habitually, striving to make things better for people around them. More than anything, it’s a film about salvation – not necessarily divine salvation, though the film does gesture in that direction at times, but mostly just the common, everyday human variety that quietly sustains the world day after day. Mostly, I thing it’s a film about about the ordinary ways that ordinary people save each other, or strive to, or fail to, but manifest something glorious even in the striving.

Meer info hier.

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