Filmtip: I Know Where I’m Going!

Zaterdag 12 december van 15:50 tot 17:20 uur op BBC 2. Film van Michael Powell en Emeric Pressburger uit 1945 met Wendy Hiller.

Brothers Judd: I have to admit, I normally loathe these stories where one betrothed, or the other, or both, break off an engagement because they’ve found “true love.” (I guess at the time it was also considered daring to implicitly criticize war profiteering by having Joan choose the poor sailor over the industrialist.) But the movie’s so enchanting and the use of myth so effective that I eventually surrendered to it. Powell and Pressburger made many great films and this one, though I’d not rank it with their very best, is delightful. Highly recommended for husbands who owe their wives a chick flick.

Meer info hier.

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