Filmtip: The Shooting Party [1985]

In de nacht van maandag (13 juli 2009) op dinsdag van 0:20 tot 1:55 uur op BBC 1.

Cornelius Cardew heeft zojuist the Shooting Party verstoord en zwaait nu met een pamflet inzake dierenrechten:

Sir Randolph Nettleby: This is a very well produced pamphlet. Where do you get a thing like this printed? Is it expensive? You don’t mind my asking you?
Cornelius Cardew: Oh no, not at all. I know a very good printer in Dorking, just near where I live. An excellent man of anarchistic views. He gives me very good rates.
Sir Randolph: Ah, special terms. Hmm. He wouldn’t give me such good ones, I suppose.
Cardew: Are you a pamphleteer too, sir?
Sir Randolph: Well, I was thinking of making a sort of foray in that direction.
Cardew: A polemic, would you say?
Sir Randolph: Yes, I think that’s the right word.
Cardew: Would you call it a *diatribe*?
Sir Randolph: Yes, I
Sir Randolph: could call it a diatribe.
Cardew: The Ruin of Rural England – A Diatribe
Sir Randolph: Precisely. I don’t think we should continue our discussion here… my fellow murderers are rather hot blooded.

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