"Cows too…can easily be made into ideas": An Interview with Roger Scruton

Lees het hele interview in The Clarion Review:

” (…)
Q: In your recent book, Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged [Encounter Books, 2007], you end with a note of optimism: ‘the rumours of the death of our culture have been greatly exaggerated.’ What hopeful signs do you see?

It is always good to end on an optimistic note, like Napoleon’s valet. As for hopeful signs, the few but determined young people who emerge from the university system with an education, despite all the efforts of the professors to prevent them from acquiring one; the survival of classical music and also of certain folk traditions like bluegrass, despite the ‘music’ business; the remarkable survival of literacy, and the ability, noticed in several households in our vicinity, to turn off the television. Also the failure of post-modern societies to reproduce, and the rapid demographic decline of liberals.”

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